Fun Times, Slow Fashion

As fast fashion rapidly gains the horrible reputation it duly deserves the reality much of the industry is desperate to avoid is that we have to produce less stuff. Produce less and buy less. To a population accustomed to displacing our need for belonging, community and security with buying new things to make us feel better that reality sounds pretty unappealing.

But what if we could remember a time when fashion was about personal style and creativity not a conveyor belt of trends. Can we make the message about buying less stuff about fun and creativity? That’s what I aim to find out through my new series of fashion portraits styled from entirely from clothing people already own. You can check out a selection from the first shoot this autumn below.

Photography: Ashley Erdman

Model & Styling: Kamila Romanowska @milaxromnvska

Hair Styling: Kasia Romanowska @kat.cut.hairdressing