Edinburgh Photographer


If it’s true that photography is about making the invisible, visible then I’m here to make possibility visible. We seem to have no difficulty dreaming up dystopian visions of our futures or creating extraordinary magical worlds, yet when it comes to imagining and believing in happier visions for changing the world we currently inhabit – our imaginations seem to go blank.

To put it in an imaginary world context for the last several decades our collective imaginations have been put under a deep deep sleeping curse. A cabal of greedy and selfish witches and wizards have bent the world to their will, stealing lands, money and above all, happiness. And you really have to give it these baddies because their curse on our imaginations means we have come to believe that is no other possible reality besides the one we currently struggle though. Theirs is the only way.

But curses can always be broken.

Slowly, slowly people are starting to wake. There is no single hero or heroine but perhaps our imaginations are stronger than suspected. In each their own ways those who are awake must use their unique gifts to wake more and more people and come together. The battle is constant, no dramatic final climax for this story. Yet.

We are still in the middle.

So who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell… Just kidding.

For more than a decade I worked with social justice campaigning organisations working on issues ranging from deep sea oil drilling, free trade agreements, water privatisation to challenging corporate power itself. And then I burnt out. Left the quest. Well I tried to anyway. But after some soul searching with a camera in hand I realised I simply hadn’t been using the right gift.

Campaigners have to spend a lot of time defending against what we don’t want and protecting against losing even further ground. But when it comes to waking up people’s imaginations and breaking through the barriers of what has been ingrained in them as ‘possible’ we need something much more compelling.

We need to tell, and more importantly show, the stories of what can be – what is possible. That’s why I’m here. To bring together my experience working outside of the neo-liberal thought bubble together with creative vision to expand what we believe is possible for our lives and our world.

So what exactly does that look like? Many different things. I’ve never been much of one for being pigeon holed. Some documentary, some portraiture and even some pure creative fun. And some it depends on you. Have an idea you want to collaborate on or need some imagery for a campaign or business? Please get in touch.