Making the Night Sky: Behind the Scenes on Poppet’s shoot

Tools of the trade. Make-up artist Naomi Baxter comes prepared! Photo courtesy of Janine Meyer_Ebert
Naomi adding some extra lip colour to Emma Findlay on set. Photo courtesy of Janine Meyer_Ebert
Partners of photographers beware. There may come a time when you will be press ganged into holding the boom pole while balancing on the sofa. Thanks James! Photo courtesy of Janine Meyer_Ebert
In action: Emma is a pro throughout hours lying on the floor and occasional blinding from flashes. I get a week’s worth of exercise in going up and down that ladder. Photo courtesy of Janine Meyer_Ebert
Becoming Poppet, Naomi does an amazing job creating a look that looks natural and still can handle the hard blue light I threw on Emma.  I’m doubling as hair stylist for this part. Photo courtesy of Janine Meyer_Ebert
When your cat decides to photo bomb the shoot… Bramble had the right colouring but was a bit of a diva so was only a guest star.


The amazing team creating a slightly trippy 3D effect. From left to right back row: Janine Meyer-Ebert, Naomi Baxter, Emma Findlay. Front row: Ashley Erdman. Photo courtesy of James Murray


Casting Open: Widget

The Night Circus Portrait Series is officially off and running! In November I was lucky enough to work with a fantastic team who all helped bring Poppet to life.

As the Murray twins are never separated for long casting is now open for an actor or model interested in portraying Poppet’s twin brother Widget.

Winston Aidan Murray, known to all as Widget, was born on the grand opening of the Night Circus exactly six minutes before midnight; the passing of an old day. While his twin can see the future Widget can read people’s pasts.

He wears a black suit made from all manner of fabrics complete with a black hat and gloves. When not performing Widget tells stories and indulges his fondness for circus treats like cocoa, sugar mice and delicious cinnamon things.

Casting Specifics

  • playing age of 15-19
  • natural ginger hair
  • ideally blue eyes but not a deal breaker

Participation Details

  • Actor or model will receive digital photographs for time
  • Selected actor or model will need to sign a model release form prior to the shoot
  • Shoots are based in Edinburgh but can compensate for travel costs depending on location
  • It is not necessary to have read the book but is definitely a bonus!
  • Shoot dates will be largely dependent on individual schedules and in some cases seasonality

Ready to Runaway and Join the Circus?

  • Send a photograph or link to your spotlight pg etc along with why you are interested in participating and the best way to get in touch to or drop me a line on the contact page.
  • If I think you might be a good fit I’ll be in touch for an informal chat