A taste of car free streets

For clean air day the City of Edinburgh Council closed off sections of George St, Hanover St and the Mound creating space for people centred activities. I took some time at the temporary lounging and arts area on George st to see what possibilities open up for how we use our public spaces.

Opening for costume designer

The Night Circus project is currently looking for a costume designer/stylist!

The amazing designer who designed and created Poppet and Widget’s costumes has decided to head back to Australia which means I am looking a new creative collaborator to join the project.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to build their experience in costume design/styling and gain experience on photo shoots.

  • The project runs on a shoe string budget so I’m especially interested in hearing from resourceful individuals able to combine making from scratch with charity shop/flea market finds.
  • All work is done on a time for photos basis and costs for approved materials and other purchases are reimbursed or covered up front.

You do not need to have read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern before getting in touch but reading the book if selected is a requirement. If you are a fan of novels with the circus, magical elements and/or late 19th, early 20th century fashion I promise it won’t be a hardship. Photo shoots happen in Edinburgh but the costume designer does not have to be based here but you would need to travel into Edinburgh for photo shoots.

As this is a personal project scheduling is very flexible and can be worked around other commitments.

If you are interested please send me a message including:

  • Why you are interested
  • Relevant experience including links to any portfolios or images of your work if you have them
  • if you have already read the book
  • any additional information you think might be helpful

Send messages to: ashleyerdman@gmail.com

If I think you might be a good fit I’ll be in touch to arrange an informal chat. As I am looking for someone interested in working on the project over the longer term, i.e. not just one portrait this is as much how well we work together and connect as it is about creative vision and experience. This will also be an opportunity to talk more about how the creation process works on the project and for you to ask questions.

There is no fixed deadline, I’ll be reviewing messages and setting up chats as they come in so if you are interested please don’t hold off!

Presenting at the 2018 Degrowth Conference

I am thrilled to be presenting a workshop at the upcoming conference on degrowth in Malmö, Sweden.  Provisionally titled ‘Visualising our Values’ the session will explore the role visual imagery plays in creating and reinforcing cultural & economic “norms and explore ideas for how the degrowth movement can utilise it to create emotionally resonant communication around new values.

For degrowth to succeed it must do more than win the intellectual arguments and convince policy makers. While both are important, as many in the movement have already noted we need to find narratives and strategies capable of breaking into broader sections of society and shifting cultural values and norms. We must learn from the mistakes of of climate change communications and decades of social justice campaigning that have fallen short of igniting true cultural shifts.

A key part of shifting cultural values means helping people envision new possibilities. Photography and visual communication are critical components in creating a new social imaginary. They have enormous potential to reopen space for human creativity and reach a broader audience with values of a degrowth economy. Proponents of the current economic order well understand imagery’s power to construct social values, advertising being a prime example. For the degrowth movement a key part of success will be how well we tap into the power of visual communication to create new spaces for human imagination.

For anyone interested in degrowth I strongly encourage you to consider attending the conference. If you know you won’t be able to attend but would be interested in hearing more about my workshop please get in touch.

Can Photography be the Cure for Boredom?

Every year or so I fly to Tucson, Arizona to visit my parents. While I tend to shorthand with people to say I am going ‘home’ it’s not really true. My parents moved out to AZ while I was in my second year at University so I’ve never lived there and know no one outside of my parents and brother.

Also I should say they don’t live in down town Tucson but in a town 30 miles south jokingly referred to as God’s Waiting Room. Besides it being important for me to see my family when I live so far away I now try to see these couple of weeks a year as creative challenges.

With my trusty Olympus OM-D at my side, my camera of choice for travelling, I can entertain myself through almost any outing. Like this trip to a local garden centre to shop for plants to add to back patio. Gardening has never really been my thing and the desert is not my climate of choice (I moved to Scotland!).

But meandering around photographing plants was not only a great way to pass the time and help prevent me from reverting to my younger self whining about when we could leave,  but it also helped me develop more appreciation for the beauty and resilience of desert life.

Even when I’m back home in Edinburgh and find myself sitting in a boring conversation, a play that isn’t that engaging, or film that should have had better editors (Last Jedi) and don’t have the luxury of having my camera, photography can still save the day.  I simply entertain myself either by studying the lighting or thinking about how I would photograph it if I did have my camera.