Tell your story with pictures

I’m here to help you and/or your organisation tell your story. We are visual creatures and live in an increasingly visual world. My style and approach moves you from having a basic snapshots that simply record, to photographs that connect your audience with who you are and what your business or organisation is all about.

The most important thing to me is understanding your unique qualities and style and bringing those front and centre so your visuals help you stand out from the crowd.

Professional photography isn’t just for big businesses.

Professionalism on a budget

I understand the challenges of getting professional quality images on a small budget- I worked with not for profits for a decade, I get it. That’s why I specialise in working with the clever little fish, the solopreneurs, freelancers, artists, not for profits, and small businesses, instead of the whales.

Get in touch to talk about events, performances, product showcases or to chat about needs for upcoming materials or websites.