Everyday Istanbul

Blue Mosque along the banks of the Bosphorus Istanbul

Istanbul had always conjured up feelings of old world glamour, exoticness and mystery. The year I actually travelled there however was a starkly different reality. 2016 was a difficult year, to say the least, for the Turkish people. Civil war raged in neighbouring Syria, terror attacks rocked various cities and an attempted coup further destabilised the country. So it happened, as so often does, that my visions and expectations of the city were very different from what I had imagined.

The resulting collection of images from that trip ended up focussing not on the amazing architecture or history of the city but very small everyday moments of the people who live there. To me these moments and scenes have a feeling of the familiar for all that they happen in the city thousands of miles away. Couples embrace, people buy snacks, they sit waiting, they check their phones or smoke a cigarette with friends. Despite constant discussion of the differences and divisions that divide us both within and amongst countries there is still, I believe, more that unites us than divides us.

woman in headscarf checks phone in grand bazaar Istanbul

Man sells sweets alongside the famous fishboats on the EminönĂ¼ side of the Galata Bridge

couple embraces on the galata bridge over the Golden Horn

women sit smoking alongside the Bosphorus Istanbul

man strolls through Sirkeci station with Turkish flag waving from the cieiling

women wearing headscarves pass a fish stall in kadikoy market on the Asian side of Istanbul

man sells odds and ends from his cart to passer byers on the Asian side of Istanbul

a man moves furniture inside the blue mosque in Istanbul