Samhuinn Sneak Peek

Samhuinn Fire Festival marks the transition from Summer into Winter. Crone goddess the Caileach oversees the epic battle between the summer and winter kings  accompanied by costumes, drumming and lots of fire.

I’ll be part of the group officially photographing the group on the night and as we’ve been documenting the various performance group’s rehearsals over the past several weeks you can get a sneak peek here.

Read more about this year’s story and performance and get your tickets for amazing evening.

Visualising our Values: Creating a New Cultural Narrative

Coming to Malmo for the International Degrowth Conference? Come check out my workshop!

A hands on workshop exploring the power of visual communication to shape social norms and values. What role does it play in upholding the current growth obsessed economic model and how can the degrowth movement harness this potential to help people envision new possibilities for how we live our lives. In addition to discussion participants will have the opportunity to gather images they feel reflect the values of our growth focussed economy and to create images they feel reflect the values of the degrowth movement.

Wednesday 22nd, August

Folkets Park, 14:00

Nöjesteatern, Konferens

A taste of car free streets

For clean air day the City of Edinburgh Council closed off sections of George St, Hanover St and the Mound creating space for people centred activities. I took some time at the temporary lounging and arts area on George st to see what possibilities open up for how we use our public spaces.